Temptations for Leaders

There are probably going to be a few references in this blog to topics such as this one, where a leader succumbs to the temptations of monetary and material gifts in order to fulfill their own personal desires.  In this article which showed up today, it speaks to a highly-respected US senator who (allegedly) has accepted gifts such as renovations on his vacation home, vehicles, etc.

By learning of such scenarios, we gain a better understanding of the illusions we live with.  In our innocence, we see what we want to see, and that is…that ALL of our leaders are trustworthy, in their integrity, honest, and seek to do the best job they can in our best interest.  Not in THEIR own best interest.  Not for THEIR profit.  Not to meet a desire in them, but to meet the needs of all.

I hold the vision in my mind that some day, in my lifetime, I am shown the true leaders — the ones that work on behalf of the good of all.

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Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 Money & Leadership, Money & Politics No Comments

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