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Sharing a personal decision I made last week

I had an interesting dilemma last week.  To start off, let me just share that the Law of Attraction has been working quite well for me.  If the law is true — that what we focus on “expands” — then that is truly what has been happening for me.

I’m in the middle of a mini-book program, which I shared previously.  I am focusing on two different mini-books — one is The Money Effect book, which relates to this website, and the other is a book on Divine Parenting, and identifying our needs.

I moved two and a half months ago to a mountain resort town.  I have been looking for work — sending out a lot of applications to many different places.  I had decided, early on, to do something that I have never done before.  I wanted to expand myself and learn and grow in another way.  To this end, last week I had two jobs offers.

One job offer was at a daycare.  I would be responsible for looking after the wee infants, 0-2 years of age.  I would be partnered with at least one other person, with a maximum number of children in the room set at seven.  It’s been a long time since I spent time with small children, so I’m very much out of practice.  However, there is government-funded training — three levels to be completed within three years.  Divine Parenting, made manifest.

The second job was working for an international arts centre, in the HR department responsible for payroll.  The benefits are tremendous, including access to a fitness centre, potential for staff accommodation, free food, training in all different areas, free events, etc.  The Money Effect, made manifest.

The two job offers came within a two day period.  I had waited for all this time and now, I have a choice.  Hmmm…  to play with the beautiful “new” children, and have them teach me so I could teach others?  Or, to challenge myself with working in a brand new field (for me) with over 700 new people, from all around the world, and learn more about money to share with others?

How did I decide?  I had to look at all the pro’s, and ultimately, the international centre won out.  Could it have been the potential accommodation option, the fitness centre, access to the phenomenal creative energy?  Or could it have just been the $1,200 per month difference in wage I would be receiving as a result of this choice?  Or, could it have been all of that?

Money definitely plays a part in our decisions.  I need funding for my projects, and I’d like to be able to fund them myself.  This gives me that option, and access to a lot of other things focused on my life purpose and direction.

It may have been my wish to work with the children more.  I would like to see a parent receive funding to stay home with their children, with access to the early childhood education courses that the daycare workers get.  Imagine if moms could afford to stay home AND get training on how to be a great parent!  I would vote for that…

In any event, my energies are now divided even more, as I am back in the working world for at least a 2-year term.  It may delay some of my projects (because I cannot focus all my attentions on my life-purpose work), however, I may make connections that will take me in new directions I might not have thought of otherwise.

I’m looking forward to this adventure.  I hope the learning curve will not take as long as I think, and that I will ease into a comfortableness soon.

To your prosperity,


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