Profiting from War

As a result of watching the document, Why We Fight, (see previous post) I became aware of  the Center for Public Integrity. Cool name, and interesting purpose.

They published a book entitled Making A Killing — The Business of War, and here is a link to the site, with some accompanying articles of interest.

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Why We Fight – the Documentary

A look at the “military-industrial complex” (a phrase coined by the late Dwight Eisenhower). This film sheds light on the ‘money effect’ of war, and is very pertinent to this website’s focus. I would highly recommend this film for viewing by all audiences around the globe.

I share a quotation from Charles Lewis, Center for Public Integrity, who says in the film:

I think the history of the US, as a work in progress in our attempt at democracy here, is a constant struggle between capitalism and democracy, and there have been ebbs and flows where democracy looks like it’s winning – you reign in those powerful forces — but the fundamental reality is, that most of the government’s decisions today are substantially dictated by powerful corporate interest. Clearly, capitalism is winning.

May we all live in peace and harmony with each other.

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