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Who Killed the Electric Car — the Documentary

I love this documentary because it brings up so much for discussion.

During the course of history, we’ve had some amazing inventions that have been extremely beneficial to everyone and everything — people and the environment — and yet, the inventions have been thwarted, or actually eliminated. In this case, they actually destroyed all the cars they created.

So, who IS really at fault for this situation? In the movie they list a bunch of possibilities. They are:

  • Consumers
  • Batteries
  • Oil Companies
  • Car Companies
  • Lack of Maintenance Profits
  • Government
  • C.A.R.B. (California Air Resources Board)
  • Hydrogen

Allegedly, the consumers didn’t provide enough demand for the new technology, plus liked the spaciousness and convenience of the old technology. Allegedly, the batteries weren’t as efficient as everyone would like them to be, and were more of an inconvenience. Allegedly, the oil companies didn’t want their business taken away. Allegedly, the car manufacturers didn’t want to be told what to do by a regulatory board. Allegedly, the car parts of the old technology generated huge amounts of income and they were concerned about the loss of that income. Allegedly, the government (most likely pressured by the oil industry and the car manufacturers) did not enforce a zero emission standard. Allegedly, C.A.R.B. reneged on their initial stance because of pressure from both the government and the car companies. Allegedly, the hydrogen fuel cell is touted to be better than the EV technology, yet there are so many barriers to production, it could take 20 years for it actually be something people are able to buy and use. It was also argued that the coal emissions from producing the electricity that would be required to keep these cars on the road would be worse for the environment that leaving things the way they are.

Hmmm…and how does money fit into all this?

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Biofuel Controversy

The pressure to “go green” in relation to vehicles is causing issues of finger pointing, perceived lack of resources, pulling one resource to service another (ie food supplies to fuel vehicles), labour shortages, etc. This article speaks to some of the issues that are supposedly being brought to light in Brasil and the US.

When the focus is on what’s truly important, and not clouded by other motivations, I think issues will disappear.

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