Money & Murder

A heated discussion

I’m gifted to be a member of a peacemakers group that has lively discussions on many different topics.  One of the most recent was about the mistreatment, torture and murder of animals in a ‘named’ country.  This country happened to be listed in one of the documentaries I had watched and commented about because there were 25 million people in that country without any other type of work except illicit trade occupations. 

The discussion was about exposing the country to the world, and action against them.  Ultimately though, is it not the market that drives the need — for anything that is sold?  If people are sold, it’s because somebody is buying them.  If animals are killed for profit, it’s because somebody is buying the parts.  If there is no market, will the killing stop?  I’m sure it would shift the focus onto something that has a market, even if it is something just as malicious, just focused on another target. 

This gives me lots to think about, and lots more to write about.  And that makes me sad.

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