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Join me on May 19, 2009 for a FREE tele-class on Money & Motivation.  Find out the many ways we’ve been programmed to focus on money as our MAIN motivator!  Realize all the other motivational elements we could be drawing upon, and where that would lead us if we made those our main motivators.  Do you think our lives would be different as a result?  Do you think we could create more happiness AND more free-flowing abundance if we didn’t just make it all about money?

This call will be at 10 a.m. Pacific, and will be repeated (live) at 5 p.m. Pacific, in order to be of service to those who can’t make the call during the day.  As well, this call WILL be recorded, so if you sign up, you will be sent the link to the recording by the following day.

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A heated discussion

I’m gifted to be a member of a peacemakers group that has lively discussions on many different topics.  One of the most recent was about the mistreatment, torture and murder of animals in a ‘named’ country.  This country happened to be listed in one of the documentaries I had watched and commented about because there were 25 million people in that country without any other type of work except illicit trade occupations. 

The discussion was about exposing the country to the world, and action against them.  Ultimately though, is it not the market that drives the need — for anything that is sold?  If people are sold, it’s because somebody is buying them.  If animals are killed for profit, it’s because somebody is buying the parts.  If there is no market, will the killing stop?  I’m sure it would shift the focus onto something that has a market, even if it is something just as malicious, just focused on another target. 

This gives me lots to think about, and lots more to write about.  And that makes me sad.

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The Olympic ticket scam

I personally do not have television access, and for the most part, don’t really miss it.  I wasn’t aware of the Olympic ticket scam that has been happening, and just came across this article the other day.

Should I be surprised by scammers taking advantage of others at such a high profile event such as this?  I probably shouldn’t be, but I am.  I still am.

I’m not a huge sports and athletics fan, yet I have attended the Commonwealth games when they were in my city.  The winter Olympics happened to also be in a city that was close to me, and I did not make the effort to attend — probably because it was too expensive, too difficult to find a place to stay, didn’t want to stand out in the cold to watch events, etc.  Just my preference.  Yet, I do have compassion for those who were duped by at least one website, especially if they were booking events that their own children were participating in.  That would be devastating, on many levels, and the article mentions that there is very little, from a legal perspective, that can be done about it.  That, I don’t understand.

My wish is that those who were scammed still get to attend the events they booked themselves for.  I don’t know how this can happen though, and who would facilitate this.  However, it is still my wish.

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The Drug Wars

When I think of crime, I often wonder (in relation to this topic, of course) how many crimes are committed with money as the reason or the excuse behind the motivation.  In this article, it mentions the drug wars, and the US/Mexico border, and how lives get lost because of it.  

How many countries, how many lives affected by drugs?  Too many, and the motivation behind the pushing of drugs, the focus on having people become addicted, is to make somebody rich — ultimately.  It’s playing on the needs of the “needy” and contributing to the need, not to the resolution of an issue.  

The focus of this act is not heart-centred — it is money-centred.  

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A Drop in the Bucket

It never ceases to amaze me how money and the law are connected — as a supposed deterrent to future illegal or immoral activity. This story is about a very famous, and very profitable, tavern/restaurant in New York. There is a $2.2 million settlement for harassment, and the restaurant claims “…it is the highest grossing independently owned restaurant in the United States with annual revenues over $34 million from more than 500,000 visitors.” The settlement sounds like a “drop in the bucket” to me, and not really a deterrent at all. The negative publicity? Maybe. To your prosperity, Sue

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