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Marianne Williamson and Poverty

I just received a brief newsletter from Marianne Williamson, and I love the information she is bringing forth from her recent experiences in the slums of Kenya.  Please click on the link below to access:

No excuse for food shortages

Despite what others may believe, I truly think there is enough food — no, MORE than enough food — grown to feed all the people on the planet.  This is a lush planet, with lots of space (currently) to grow all that we need to and for all to survive and thrive. 

When I read articles like this, accompanied with the pictures of the starving children — the innocents — I feel sickened and disgusted with humanity.  So much spent on war, and the killing of people — why not the saving of people?  Priorities are skewed, hearts are not in the right place, and money is usually the focus.  Ok, oil is usually the focus, but what is oil except money? 

Let’s open our hearts more before we use our heads, and work for the good of all.

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Lending money to friends and relatives

I came across this article today about a high profile actor suing his father and uncle for an unpaid loan.  It just made me smile, as it reminded me of some saying about never lending money to people you like or love, cus it can ruin the relationship.

Quite a few years ago, I lent some money (more like gave it, cus I don’t lend things) to a close relative in order to help their family move and get a fresh start in a city that had better employment opportunities.  So, I really had no expectations — I never would have given the money had I had expectations of repayment, because expectations breed disappointment.  So, I lent the money, and didn’t hear from that relative for a few years.  They didn’t have the money to pay me back in that time period, and so didn’t want to initiate contact with me, out of a sense of guilt.  Eventually, I received a card with a cheque with the money and a bit of interest all paid back.  Since I was upset with them for not communicating with me for that time period, I never called or responded to the receipt of the card.  Eventually, I received a phone call from them, asking me if I received the card and the cheque, and was everything ok.

I told them I was upset, and they were puzzled.  I said I’m not upset about the money — I’m upset because you chose not to speak to me as a result of it.  It was like I had done something wrong, and was being punished for it.  Interesting…

Would I lend money to someone?  No.  Would I give it away if they needed it, and I had it?  Yes.  It is not a difficult decision if the need is truly genuine.

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The practice of “wombs for rent”

I happened to come across an article today about a baby born to a surrogate mother.  The baby’s parents have divorced, and live in another country, so the status of where the baby is to go is in limbo.  Apparently, India’s laws state that a baby girl cannot live with a single dad.

It’s the end of the article that helped me decide to include the article in this blog.  Here is a quote from that article:

Surrogate mothers in Anand charge about 100,000 rupees (2,500 dollars) for a pregnancy and have been approached by a number of overseas Indian and foreign couples who can have a surrogate baby at a fraction of the cost in Western countries.

Surrogate mothers are often poor women who opt to carry a stranger’s baby to help pay education and housing costs for their own families.

Through my research process for the book, I’m discovering so many ways that people choose to generate an income, and as a woman, I don’t think I could go this route.  I guess when one is placed in certain positions, perhaps the choices become easier?  I don’t know.

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