Corruption in hospitals

I think of a hospital as a place of nurturing and care when I, or loved ones, get severely ill.  I do not envision them as money-making “businesses,” nor do I look upon them as ever being out of integrity.  Perhaps it’s because I live in Canada, and it may not be as much of an issue here, or it could be that I am just really, really naive.  🙂

So, when I come across articles like this one that speaks to homeless people being used as pawns so that a hospital can make money, it makes me really wonder what is actually happening in all the areas of the “business” of health care.  There is lots of info already out there on pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, etc. etc. etc.

Perhaps the people involved don’t see themselves as being out of integrity, since they are actually giving a homeless person a place to live for a few days every once in awhile, with meals and fluids, etc.  However, the overhead costs of them doing so in a hospital setting surely exceeds a regular shelter meeting those same needs.  And, who is ultimately paying for all this?  Hmmm…

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Saturday, August 9th, 2008 Money & Health/Wellbeing

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